My current project, this is just prior to a total teardown of the truck.

Update 11-12-2020

Frame is completed, engine and transmission are installed, rear springs have been re-bushed and installed. Finished rebuilding the rear axle last night, all new bearings and races installed. Pinion shaft bearings have been pressed on and will get ready to set the preload for final assembly of the torque tube. Still looking for the front torque tube bearing race.

All of the brakes have been relined but not installed yet, the drums have been turned and are painted waiting to be installed after the brakes are finished.

The cab has been completely sandblasted and rotted out cross members have been removed and new pieces fitted for reassembly, need to order lower side cowl pieces due to extensive metal rot. Hope to be working on the body this summer.

For project pictures check out the picture gallery.